How it works!

Welcome to Boomeranger!

Become a member of Boomeranger, its totally free. Every time you want to buy something on the Internet, log on to and click the store you want to buy from, and your purchase in the store you selected is registered on your account at Boomeranger and you earn points.

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How to use your points

We have 2 point types: Cash Points and Bonus Points. See more under "Two types of points". The points you collect can be used for full or part of payment for offers in our Member shop. 

If you want, you may convert your Cash points to cash and have them paid out to you. You will that way receive a discount on all your purchases you would have done anyway.

Our service is not about buying or consuming more, but you get cash back on purchases you would have done on the web anyway! Genious is not it! There is no catch, there are no costs involved but you get incentives back on your purchases! Sign up today - it's completely free!


Do you want to get more points and increased savings faster?

Many have already discovered the benefits of a membership at and want to get the most out of their membership.
All you have to do is to refer with the sharing functions on the site (be logged in to your account before clicking sharing buttons)  to your  friends and acquaintances and when you have reached our Premium member level (25000 points in total) you will start to earn Cash Points on your invited friends online shopping.

Our Premium level is free and you get there automatically when you have collected 25000 points in total, so start inviting friends immediately after you become a member.
If your invited friend use our service for their online shopping, and you are on the Premium level, you will receive Cash Points every time they receive Cash points.Thanks to your friends doing their online shopping through you get Cash Points from their shopping just as if it was you shopping. A great way to get higher cash-outs with your Cash Points, or for paying great offers in our membershop etc.


Two types of points

There are two types of points: Cash Points and Bonus Points. 

Cash Points are the points you get by shopping at's partner shops offered; that is, when you do your regular shopping but through
Cash Points are used in the Member shop, for charity or for simply converting them to money with the cash out function available in your profile menu.

Bonus Points are points Boomeranger provide for special promotions or for certain activities.
For example inviting a a friend and they signup for an account at, login to the website, visit a store etc.
Bonus Points are not redeemable for cash and can only be used in the member store and/or toward reaching the Premium member level.


All current methods of receiving points:

Cash Points:

- Earn Cash Points on all your purchases you make by visiting stores through

- Earn Cash Points by invited friends' purchases when they use for their online shopping.
  (Note: Requires you to become Premium member)

Bonus Points:

- Log on, 10 Bonus Point per day, maximum 300 points per month. Paid out monthly on the 1st for previous month logons.

- Visit a store via, 10 Bonus point per unique store visit, max 300 Bonus Points per month. Paid out monthly on the 1:st for previous month store visits.
   (the "unique store" counter is reset on the 1st each month and you can visit the same or new stores again).

- Invite a friend who activates their account: 100 Bonus Points

- Plugin usage , 20 points per day the plugin is communicating with our site.


You can also receive Cash Points and / or Bonus Points from promotions we offer  members on
We will inform of this in email and/or on the site when a promotion is running. 




Instant savings and discounts.

Our partners and retailers provides us regularly deals for you as a member.
This is usually in the form of vouchers you can use to get discounts, free shipping, gifts, etc. when you shop with them.
Active deals are always visible on the store pages here on for online members under "special offers".
If you do not see a special offer for a shop, it means that there currently is no offer in addition to that you can earn Cash Points on your shopping.


In short

1. Become a member - it's completely free!

2. Shop on the sites you are usually using.

3. You get points for every purchase you make.

4. Use your points in Boomeranger's member shop or get cash paid out!

5. Invite your friends (if you want) and get points on their purchases.

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